There are various methods of controlling cockroach infestations in a home, office or other building, so choosing which method is the best, is a matter of choice and available solutions. One of the best things people can easily do to avoid cockroach invasions is to take a proactive stance in the first place.

Once cockroaches have invited themselves into your building, elimination may be as easy as depriving them of their food and water supply or setting traps and poisons. A lot will depend on how many of the critters there are that you’re dealing with and in some cases that might be a total full on assault! Run to the hills!

Halting an Infestation

Home and building owners can start by sealing all doors and windows, carefully, using caulk or some kind of professional weather stripping. Screens should be inspected for tears and a snug fit into the frame. Even though cockroaches can be somewhat large, sometimes at least 1 inch long, they can often sneak themselves even very slim passageways. The sealing of pipes and drain openings is also a very good idea as is in calling home pest control in Essex.

Denial of Food and Water Access

A cockroach that has managed to get indoors will not be very likely to make a permanent base there without access to food and water. These insects are known to be hardy and can survive for long periods of time without such, but they usually won’t hang around and colonise somewhere without a more abundant and sustainable habitat, which makes keeping a place clean and tidy even more important.


In most cases, it’s too late for any preventative measures once these pests have been detected, and while it’s not a bad idea to work out how the pests got in, your attention will now be focussed on just how to dispel them. Poisons are an effective means of elimination, and there are several different types.


It may be possible to trap cockroaches. Most home improvement shops sell various kinds of traps. Some traps are baited with poison, whereas others are made simply with special foods or liquids which the cockroaches can’t resist. Anything sweet and pungent is usually considered attractive to these insects and experts have recommended the use of some stale beer or old almost decaying fruit. Once trapped, they can be left to die or sprayed with an insecticide.

Professional Pest Control

Many people nowadays go for the professional services of pest control to get the job done efficiently. This kind of service is specially trained in not only identifying where the cockroaches are colonizing, but also have expert ways of dealing with them. Fumigation is one option, where poisonous gas is dispersed into the nests, and also the method of covering their habitat with toxic sprays is another. Cockroaches seldom return to such a place after these methods have been utilised.

Watch out! There may be a cockroach family moving into your home right now!