As those out there already know, limestone fireplace are extremely durable and long lasting that will bring the user many years of enjoyment and snug heat on those damp, cold days and nights. Limestone, is a wonderful material for the building of the likes of fireplaces, and is the reason why this type of fireplace is becoming increasingly popular.

If you already possess a fireplace, the chances are that you use it and that means that there is the potential for marks, scratches, stains, and other things that can harm and blemish your lovely fireplace. The best care should always be taken when using it and all homeowners can maintain their fireplace and keep it looking great for many more years if they follow some basic tips.

How to Keep Your Limestone Fireplace in Great Shape

With time you will come to notice that there are some marks that need to be cleaned off and similar to many other things, there are some things you should do, and naturally those that you really shouldn’t with a fireplace in limestone in Moreton-in-Marsh.

  • Some people will clean with the first thing that they can reach under the kitchen sink or elsewhere. Because limestone itself is a porous material and relatively soft, the use of commercial cleaners, especially those with abrasives, can cause some damage to it. Standard waxes and sprays will also go on to create discolouration or dark patches on the limestone surface.
  • Fireplaces look really their best if adorned with several decorations that highlight the colour or the texture of the fireplace. But definitely refrain from putting any flowers in vases with water on them as this can be serious bad news for a limestone fireplace. Direct contact with the limestone surface can go on to create a dark ring that may never clean off.
  • Wooden logs and other combustible items should also never be put directly on the top of a limestone surface. Dirt, rocks, and small sticks may graze the surface, while things like pitch, black rub marks, and other types of liquid or stains will also spoil the surface.

Sealing the Limestone Fireplace

Essential for new homeowners, or those with a newly installed limestone fireplace. Sealants will not spoil the colour of a fireplace, but protect it from stains and scratches. When applying the sealant, let the first coat completely dry and apply once again.

Where you purchased your fireplace will be the best place to provide you with the best kinds of sealants. These are inexpensive and after sealing will protect your investment for some years before reapplication.

Gentle Cleaning With Cotton

Rather than using any commercial cleansers, a great method of cleaning a limestone fireplace by way of a soft, cotton cloth dampened with diluted liquid soap. Move the cotton in a circular motion and be gentle, and for harder stains rub a bit longer. Never use strong chemical cleaners, steel wool, or others which will scratch the surface.

By taking your time with your limestone fireplace, it will look great for years to come!