There are several benefits of taking commercial pest control services for your business. Commercial pest control saves your business time, your money, and your business’s reputation. In this post, we will not discuss the benefits of pest control. Instead, we will provide you with some tips as a precaution.

If you find pests on your property, you must call for a commercial pest control service without any delay. You can read more to know what services you will get under commercial pest control services to get rid of bed bugs and other insects.

We have come up with quick pest control tips that you can take to protect your business.

Door Sweeps

Property managers usually believe that pests come through some inconspicuous cracks from the walls or the foundation. But doors are also one of the easily approachable entry points for them. The door sweep is an efficient and economical way to keep pests out of your establishment. It prevents insects and other small creatures like rodents from crawling through small gaps under the door.

Floor Drains

Many people believe that food waste completely disappears when it passes down the drain. But it is not necessarily true. Some residual food particles remain back and create odors that attract pests. You need to confirm that your waste management team properly maintains drains, especially those not used frequently, and are inspected with p-traps.


Landscaping can completely transform your business establishment. But it can also attract more pests. There are certain flowers, plants, and trees which attract several insects and other small creatures. We suggest you ask your landscaping company to minimize the use of these types of plants and trees. This action will help you control the entry of pests into your property.

Trash And Recycling Bins

Trash and garbage bins are some of the favorite places for pests to invade and hide. Check if all trash and garbage bins on your property have self-closing lids. Empty and clean them regularly.


Rooftops are the area that is easy to neglect by property managers as these areas may not be easily accessible for them. But, to avoid pest infestations, you need to inspect these areas regularly.

While inspecting rooftops, look for pooling water, dirty gutters, deteriorating seals around skylights, or any other kind of damage, as that can allow the pests to enter.

Standing Water

For insects like mosquitoes and cockroaches, stagnant water provides a suitable environment to breed and hide. Therefore we suggest that you look around your property and ensure no standing water in your establishment.

Check sprinklers, hoses, and other automatic watering systems to ensure that they are not overwatering your yard.


You need to take these steps to ensure that your property is free from pests. Never ignore pest infestation as it leads to a lot of illness. Immediately book a pest control service to ensure complete protection against pests.