Though scorpions are common worldwide, just a handful of species can be found in the southwest United States. The vast majority of the animals you will come across are quite harmless. Two species of scorpions in Texas are poisonous, but that is it.

The striped bark scorpion is the most frequent species of scorpion in the region. These scorpions rarely exceed three inches in length. Small and active at night, these pests are masters of disguise and can easily pass unnoticed. Get pest control in San Antonio, TX done today.

Bark scorpions have venom in their stingers, although they are not particularly lethal. Although death from a sting is extremely unusual, it can happen in people who are allergic to venom.

Advice on Avoiding Scorpions In Your Homes

Take precautions to keep scorpions away from your home and family if you do not want them there. This necessitates five precautions, namely:

1. Deprive them of a safe haven

The majority of scorpions will only live in sheltered settings. Scorpions may seek cover in your yard’s rocks, leaves, and wood heaps. Your yard’s leaves, timber, and stones will likely never go entirely. But you may restrict their numbers and maintain a safe distance from them. Clean up leaf piles and pick up fallen branches as time permits.

2. Deny Them Food

A scorpion will not last long without food. Reduce the number of scorpions in your home by eliminating their food source. This means discouraging the presence of competing insects. Insects of different species tend to congregate in the same areas. These creatures prefer to live in dark, damp places where they can find an infinite supply of food. Ants, spiders, and other insects can be avoided with regular yard maintenance and the help of a pest control firm. You could also be able to keep scorpions away if you do this.

3. Be sure your house is well sealed

Bark scorpions may fit through very small spaces, making them a serious pest. Look for openings around your house and seal them up. If you find any cracks or openings in your windows or doors, patch them with caulk or weather stripping. Examine your screens for holes and rips. Screens can be repaired using a repair kit or replaced entirely if necessary. It is possible that if you do this, the scorpions will stay away.

4. Keep the humidity down.

Having too much water around is not good. Due to their preference for damp places, scorpions will be drawn to a home with a lot of standing water. Fix any leaking hoses or gutters and address any underlying plumbing concerns around the house.

5. Use a Professional

If you want good outcomes, it is best to collaborate with someone who has done this before. The best advice for continuous pest control is to hire an expert.