How you choose to apply concrete depends on your construction site and operations. Ready mixed concrete (RMC) is customised, which adds to the quality assurance of the product.

The Benefits of Using RMC

You can find a number of benefits associated with concrete that is defined as ready-mixed. Some of the advantages are listed below:

  • Ready-mixed concrete, or RMC, is created in controlled situations that use raw materials of a consistent quality.
  • This concrete allows for faster construction times.
  • You have more versatility when you choose RMC. The mix of the concrete can be designed to suit its application.
  • Because RMC uses bulk instead of bagged cement, any Billericay concrete and mortar ready mixed substances produce less dust. As a result, more of the material is saved.
  • Environmental contamination is reduced with RMC because less cement needs to be produced.
  • Because RMC offers better durability, contractor can realise a savings in the life-cycle expense.
  • Using RMC minimises mistakes and reduces labour requirements.

In addition, when you use this type of customised solution, you will not experience scheduling delays.

Saving You Money and Time

Because you do not have to pay for the establishment of a batching plant or hire equipment, you can save a good deal of money – a savings that can lead to a larger bottom line. RMC also reduces air and noise pollution. Moreover, less petrol is used and less time is needed for pouring the concrete.

When using RMC, a large amount of concrete is available for use in a short timeframe. Therefore, special arrangements must be made in advance to ensure placement success.