For many homeowners, double glazing is the ideal type of window amenity. That is because double glazing can reduce energy consumption and better maintain the comfort level in the home. So, whether it is hot or cold outside, you can enjoy a pleasant temperature inside without paying too much on your heating or cooling costs.

How a Double Glazed Windows Is Designed

Definitively, windows that are double glazed are made up of two panes of glass. The panes are separated by a small gap that is filled with air. This air layer adds to the benefits enjoyed by homeowners who choose a double glazing installation. Single glazing is also available in window products, but single glazed windows do not offer as many advantages as their double glazed counterparts.

A Quieter Indoor Environment

Double glazing keeps the warm air from escaping when the air outdoors is cold, as that extra layer of air is a kind of insulator. In turn, homeowners experience fewer drafts and lower heating bills. The air that separates double glazed glass also reduces the level of noise coming from the outside. As a result, you not only feel physically more comfortable, you also enjoy a quieter indoor environment.

Better for Security

Windows that are not double glazed often display condensation on the inside of the window pane. You do not see this happen as much when your windows are double glazed. The double glazing feature also makes it harder for thieves to burgle your home, as the glass in these windows, which provide heightened security, is more challenging to break.

What You Can Save in Costs Annually

Most homeowners who choose double glazing for their windows claim that their home is warmer and more comfortable with the window replacement. With respect to energy usage, you should realise a savings of about AUD $175 annually if your glass is a B-rated glass. If the glass is A-rated, then the savings can jump up to AUD $192 year.

Why Safety Glass in Double Glazing Is Important

Indeed, safety glass in double glazing is important in Australia. That is because homeowners must follow a general guide to ensure they are including the right glass in specific areas. The use of safety glass in these areas is essential, as it greatly lowers the risk of injury. Then, if it is fractured, it does not break into shards – shards that can cut and severely injure someone. Currently, the areas in the home where safety glass is required have increased whilst the areas permitting ordinary glass have dwindled.

Safety Glass Requirements

When choosing single or double glazing then, you typically must include safety glass in all doors made of glass and in door side panels. The glass is recommended for panels (provided they are 300mm in distance from the door and placed up to 1,200mm over the floor). Bathroom areas should also feature safety glass in spots that are 2m or more in height.

Laminated and Toughened Glass

Double glazed windows in Melbourne when made of safety glass are manufactured with laminated or toughened glass. The design and high level of resiliency offered by laminated glass prevents the material from breaking into large shards when it is struck. This glass, when double glazed, offers a higher amount of security than its toughened glass counterpart. However, that being said, you still cannot go wrong with toughened glass, especially if you are on a budget.

Toughened glass is about four times stronger than ordinary glass products. Whilst toughened glass lives up to its name, it simply does not offer the same level of security, as noted, as laminated glass. All safety glass that is used for double glazing installation must be labelled. This form of labelling can be used as a guide when you make a buying decision. The label identifies the grade of glass (A or B), the glass type (laminated or toughened), and the glass’s conformity to Australian building standards.

Choose a Double Glazed uPVC Window Replacement

The most common frame type used for double glazed type windows is made from uPVC, which is short for the technical name of unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. Not only is uPVC about three times more affordable than wood frames, it is a recyclable and durable product. The frame is also the most energy-efficient frame that is available on the market.

An Easy-to-Maintain Frame

Frames for windows made of uPVC are featured in various finishes and colours, and some replicate the look of wood. However, the most popular choice for the frame is basic white. A double glazed window made with uPVC is easy to maintain as well. Usually, you only need to wipe down the material with a microfibre cloth and wash it with warm water and mild detergent occasionally.


Along with double glazing, uPVC provides some major benefits to the homeowner. For example, the material has the same insulating characteristics as timber. The mitre corners on this type of window are also fusion welded, which is a better construction than a mechanical assembly. Wood and aluminium frames normally feature mechanical assemblies.

The Ideal Partnership

The heat transfer coefficient or U-value of a uPVC frame is substantially lower than aluminium too. The material is also safe as it is entirely harmless to humans. Additionally, homeowners enjoy excellent thermal and sound insulations by choosing the product, making the marriage of a uPVC frame and double glazed pane an ideal partnership.

Types of uPVC Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed type windows that are made with uPVC frames are ideal installations as they are suitable for all types of constructions or refurbishments. The windows can be matched just as easily with contemporary architectural styles, as they can be included in older renovations. Double glazed uPVC windows are available in tilt-and-turn designs, in sliding styles, as fixed configurations, or as awning installations.

If you want to get rid of the drafts associated with old windows and the lack of safety features, then you owe it to yourself and your family to check out uPVC type windows made of double glazed glass. This type of investment will make it possible for you to increase your home’s value and maintain a higher comfort level for your family.