What is MDF Veneer Flooring?

Timber flooring is nothing but a decorative and durable solution for modern wooden flooring. Plywood veneer flooring is nothing but a natural looking wood covering that has been always in combination to the veneer flooring. Veneer flooring comprises of a layer of wood and a layer of Minimum density floorboards. Natural wood veneers are sliced from the timber. Usually the veneer comes from the forest and local woods.

MDF is a specially engineered timber that comprises of resin, wax and mashed up wood materials. Resin keeps the mixture dense and wax provides the moisture it needs. Machines  that are used to fit the sheets in the flooring use heat and high pressure that hardens the plywood and cuts them into perfectly flat and knot free sheets.  MDF offers your flooring a special finish and a distinctive appeal.

Use of MDF: 

  • MDF is highly appreciated with the cupboard makers and cabinetmakers. Since the wood fibers are cut into small pieces these become more durable
  • MDF makes the perfect substrate to lay the timber; its presence on the underlying surface makes it durable.
  • Cabinets made up from MDF have the attributes better than the simple wooden whose polishing wears off after a few years. The handmade floorings are not easy to put off, whereas the veneer floorings are so easy to adhere and even easier to remove for polishing and decorative purposes.
  • The MDF are the best option for the flooring but there is nothing better than the wooden floorings. But the cost for the wooden floorings is not so budget friendly, so MDF allows all users to have an effect of the real wooden finish in the flooring at most competitive price.

Advantages of MDF Veneer Flooring:

  • Every veneer floorboard has a layer of wood on the top that makes the floor look like wood and makes it durable against all the moisture and heat.
  • It gives the practical benefits of real laminate so that the floor becomes all shiny and polished. The floors are easy to maintain and easy to clean.
  • The veneer flooring comes with the guarantee of air quality.
  • The usual veneer flooring is stronger than ordinary plywood flooring.
  • The MDF flooring comes with many years of guarantee that comes with the durability to make the floor strong from every strike of the weather.
  • It has a double sided coating that makes them twice as stronger than the usual type of wooden flooring.
  • The flooring is very easy to keep and is not that expensive to have it in the house.
  • This type of flooring is perfect for underground heating and the level of moisture as well
  • These materials are best suited for people who want a sophisticated look, durability, and affordability in the same package

Veneer flooring comes with a thin upper layer of genuine wood, distinctive from laminated floors, which utilize simulation prints. With MDF, one can really experience the fun of wood. That is precisely what makes a home, office or shop exclusive and distinct. MDF veneer has found special place in modern interiors and has gained unbelievable popularity.

The veneer flooring is more hygienic than all other floorboards as it keeps away the termites with the chemical that is used in the layer to maintain the insect free atmosphere on the floor. This means that bacteria and viruses can not settle in the floorboards to spread the diseases and prevents the floor to get damaged over the years. The MDF veneer floors  are also more sustainable from other kinds of flooring materials. These are truly unique.