There are many different types of carpet, natural and synthetic, and choosing the right type can be a challenge at the best of times. The first thing to consider is where the carpet is going; Is it a high traffic area? Do you have children or pets? These are all things to consider when looking at carpets, and with an affordable carpets company in Telford, you can drop by the showroom and experience a wide range of floor coverings.

  • Natural Carpet – Wool is the main natural fibre carpet, and it comes in different cuts and piles, and, of course, colours.
  • Synthetic Carpet – Nylon is a firm favourite, strong and very durable, nylon carpet is ideal for those high traffic areas and can deal with children and pets. Polyester is another popular synthetic fibre that is both hardwearing and very attractive, coming in many different finishes.

The only way to buy carpet is to take a trip to your local carpet showroom, where you can experience fitted carpet in a real life setting. The carpet salespeople are very knowledgeable and once they know your circumstances and your needs, they can help you to select the right type of carpet.

Carpet Cut & Pile

There are many different cuts and piles, with cut loop and uncut loop, and some that have different pile lengths within the same carpet, giving an attractive design. Take your time when looking at carpets, and most companies will include free fitting in the price, and unless you happen to be a carpet fitter, you should leave it to the professionals.