Today, owners of commercial properties prefer using LED lighting over other forms of lighting. Not only is this type of illumination energy-saving, it also offers a more natural light. That is why businesses such as Constellation Lighting feature this lighting option.

No More Buzzing or Flickering

When the right lighting system is used, warehouses are made safer. In addition, LED lights will not produce annoying buzzing sounds, nor will they flicker. Usually you will experience this issue with a metal halide fixture.

Save on Cooling

With respect to energy usage, you can save about 85% on your lighting expenses as well as reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Because LED lights in warehouses often use heat sinks, more savings can be realised through a reduction in air conditioning usage.

For example, one of the LED lighting fixtures that can be used in a warehouse environment displays a low and streamlined design for simple mounting below the deck. The fixture’s housing is constructed of durable cast aluminium with the aforementioned heat sink. The hardware mounts to a canopy deck in a round hole that is 51 millimetres to 102 millimetres in size, and is affixed with self-sealing screws that offer a watertight seal. This type of fixture is ideal for double- or single-skinned canopies.

Surge Suppression Protection

Companies like Constellation Lighting feature this type of LED lighting – lighting that offers a lifespan of up to 150,000 hours. This type of fixture also offers surge protection and is warrantied for ten years.

As a result, LED warehouse lighting in Doncaster, for example, offers facility managers a more innovative and cost-effective solution for lighting their warehouse facilities. If any place understands the importance of lighting, it is Doncaster, a city which developed and grew from the coal mining industry. Following mine closures in the 1980s, the market town turned its focus to service. Now LED lighting has replaced traditional forms of lighting to stay with the current trends – trends that will assist Doncaster in its pursuits in expanding its service sector.

A Reduction in Lumen Depreciation

Facility managers also can relax when it comes to issues of safety. When LED lights are installed, lumen depreciation is reduced. Therefore, more traditional lighting solutions eventually start to dim over time. This can turn into a production and safety issue if it causes problems in regards to visibility or forklift navigation, for instance, during working hours.

When lumen depreciation is greater, warehouse facilities need more lights to counteract the problem. This can lead to a bigger expense when traditional lights are used. Typically, a traditional lighting system such as metal halide eats up 50% more electricity than LED fixtures. What you save by installing LED lights results in a larger bottom line, which demonstrates that you are doing what it takes to reduce waste. Needless to say, it is not surprising that this factor in and of itself is the reason why most warehouses are turning to LED lighting. How about you? Are you ready to make a change for your warehouse facility? LED lighting is also being used in venues such as manufacturing plants, offices, ports, and sports facilities.