It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at wanting to buy a home or sell one, making the right choice of a good estate agent is important and can make a big difference in the buying or selling of any property. You may have a number of estate agents marketing their services to you, but you must make sure to pick one that knows your specific location extremely well.

Nowadays you have a choice of the traditional estate agent on the high street, or the nouveau online type who are becoming more and more increasingly popular. Consider some estate agents in your area, but also make an informed choice because your decision could save you some money.

Getting the Price Right

Experienced and skilled property agents in Hornchurch, know exactly how to professionally negotiate any kind of offers and will guide you along the way to make or accept the perfect offer, depending of course, on whether you’re buying or selling. If selling one’s home, a list price that is too high to begin with could scare away many potential buyers that would otherwise have been interested in your home.

And yet, if the listing price is made too low, you stand the chance of losing money and your time wasted, as people might offer an even lower price than you are prepared to accept. Any price that you offer or accept should mostly be based on the market value, and an experienced and well informed estate agent can provide you with a realistic analysis about what your home, or the home you’re interested in, is really worth.

Areas, Location and Comparables

It’s in your best interests to do a little research online and see what estate agents there are in your area and what they have to offer, before deciding on the one to best represent your interests. Check out any reviews and if they have a Facebook profile. Try selecting an estate agent with full knowledge of your area if you’re selling and the area you’re contemplating moving to if you’re going to be buying.

A respectable real estate agent will provide you with and fully understand any comparables in your area. Comparables are records of the prices at which similar homes to yours in the same district were sold for. By having the knowledge of just what properties similar to yours were sold for can help in providing you with a precise idea of what your home will be worth or what the home you’re interested in buying is worth.

Knowing all of the Facts

An estate agent worth his salt will also have all the relevant information about schools, shops, healthcare options and anything else of daily importance in the area. Also He or she should also be familiar with how to advertise, arrange and take care of “open houses”.

Whether you’re buying or selling, make sure to get the perfect estate agent, with no regrets!