Most homeowners bypass having their boiler regularly inspected until they do not have heat or hot water. If something does go wrong, never try to fix your boiler yourself. Instead, to save money and frustration, contact a professional.

Signs That Your Boiler Needs to Be Fixed

Naturally, if you do not have heat or hot water, you will no doubt want to get your boiler fixed immediately. Expert Worcester boiler repairs in Plymouth should also be made if the following is happening:

  • The boiler is leaking. If your boiler is leaking, the seals should be replaced. Otherwise, your boiler will not work at all.
  • You hear unusual sounds. Typically, if you hear noises in your boiler, it is because sludge has built up in your system. Banging noises will also be heard if the water pressure is low or if air is present in the system.
  • The boiler has low pressure. When the boiler pressure is low, it is usually due to a system leak. This leak is normally caused by a faulty valve or a crack in a pipe.
  • You notice thermostat issues. Because the thermostat regulates the boiler’s heat, any malfunctions can lead to an increase in your heating costs.
  • Your radiators are not hot. In some instances, this problem may be easy to fix. If air is in the system, it can be released using a bleed key. Otherwise, the system may need a power flush or the radiator’s valve may need to be replaced.
  • The boiler switches off. Usually, this issue is due to low pressure or a blockage in the system.

Contact a Professional

As you can see, trying to fix a boiler yourself is not the best idea. Any troubleshooting is best left to the plumbing and heating professionals.