There are many ways to remodel your bathroom, from traditional to contemporary styles, you’ll find a wide selection of design concepts on the market. Completely renovating your bathroom is quite a large home improvement project, it takes time and is considered to be much more of a long-term investment. Here are some of the main reasons to opt for a complete bathroom suite rather than adding bits and pieces.

If you plan on redesigning your bathroom, it may require you to change all of your fixtures and fittings individually, if this is the case, you are better off choosing a complete overhaul.

Complete Control & Coordination

The main benefit of choosing to renovate your whole bathroom rather than piece by piece is you have complete control over the project, you can coordinate the whole process from colours to materials and not have to worry about finding individual parts which blend with existing features. The best way of designing your bathroom is to choose fittings with the same type of style, this makes it a lot easier to integrate other elements such as linen, bathroom accessories and wall towel racks.

Furthermore, if you coordinate your core fixtures, it makes it a lot easier to decide on your décor, you can choose the colour of the paint and the type of tiles, all of this helps you to create a theme for your bathroom. You want to have items which effortlessly blend together and create one cohesive unit. If you reside in South London, there is an exceptional company who specialise in designer bathroom suites in East Dulwich who help design, implement and install incredible bathroom concepts across the city.

Coordinating your fixtures and fittings isn’t as easy as it looks, there are endless amounts of colours on the market, and what looked like white in the showroom may not turn out to be that colour once set alongside another item in your bathroom. This is one of the reasons to consider going for a full refurbishment rather than remodelling in bits and pieces.


Although your bathroom may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, it isn’t the easiest to redesign. You must include some core features such as the toilet, shower, bath tub and sink, along with additional features. All of these units take up space and if not carefully designed it can make your bathroom a troublesome area. To ensure this doesn’t happen it is advisable to contact a professional and let them create a concept which perfectly fits the space.  They know how to integrate these features without having any issues because they have years of experience in the industry. Choosing a complete bathroom suite means you streamline the installation process and you’ll get a finished project which is perfectly integrated.

There are many reasons to opt for a bathroom suite which is fully completed, it makes the whole process a lot smoother, ensuring your home doesn’t suffer too many disruptions and the project is finished as promptly as possible. Remember to hire a highly skilled, reputable contractor.