If you’re similar to many property owners, you give a lot more thought to other parts of your home or business building and deal with ceilings as an afterthought. But you may be missing a great opportunity to enhance the appearance of your property and add to its value. It’s more common to look at walls and flooring in a room, of course, but the ceiling is an important element in room design.

Choosing the correct ceiling height, material, and insulation can also contribute significantly to the comfort and cost efficiency of your space. Combine this with the right lighting and you’ll soon discover that what’s over your head is more important than you thought. This is why, in the past couple of decades, more and more designers and property owners are getting the ceiling details right.

The Feel of the Room

Making the right choices as described above can make the difference in how a room “feels”. Is it expansive and open when you enter? Is it comfortable, giving you a cosy feeling right away? If you don’t have the ceiling height and material correct, your other efforts may not be quite so successful. To make sure that you don’t miss this opportunity, you’d be wise to get in touch with a company specialising in such tasks as ceiling repair in Perth.

In fact, you’ll have access to an array of specialties for commercial and residential ceiling construction and ceiling repair as well as wall construction and repair. Schedule a consultation with experts in this special sector and you’ll be putting decades of experience to work for you. They’ll be available to help you plan and design your room and take you through to completion. You’ll also benefit from outstanding customer service “after the sale”.

So Many Options

The list of areas in which they can help includes residential ceilings, commercial ceilings, suspended and concealed ceilings, as well as fire-rated, wet-area, sound-rated, and timber-feature ceilings. If your setting calls for acoustic design and materials, this is available too. And they’ll be happy to help coordinate the other trades necessary to make sure that your project finishes on budget and on time.

One of the most enjoyable parts of new construction is the planning and design stage. Why not make your ceilings an integral part of this process? You can work with specialists to create stylish ceilings that are also extremely practical, if you so desire. If you’d like an exposed-element ceiling or a lofted ceiling that defines the space, share those details with professionals who can turn your vision into reality.

Are you interested in a slat and panel ceiling, acoustic panels that are both appealing and functional, or a suspended ceiling with maximum insulation to meet your needs? The experts can make it happen.