Don’t cut corners when hiring the right electrician for domestic work, a faulty wire is a disaster waiting to happen and it could go off at any time causing a terrible fire in your home. If you think you need electrical repairs or replacements, don’t delay, find a local company who can provide a professional, affordable service.

When you are hiring an electrician make sure to ask some questions, so you understand their background history and the company they are working for.

  • Qualifications

It is important to deal with an electrical company who employ highly skilled, experienced staff members who have all the right qualifications to work on electrical systems. Before hiring an electrician inquire about their papers, ask them questions such as:

Where did they do their apprenticeship?

It is important to know where the electrician learned their trade, was it with a recognised company or have you never heard of them. If they studied under an established business, then at least you know they were trained to a high standard and they received proper tutelage under experienced electricians.

What kind of qualifications do they hold?

There are various diplomas that electricians must have which allows them to work in certain fields, in the UK, if an individual wants to work on domestic buildings they must hold an NVQ diploma in Electrotechnical Systems and Equipment, if you don’t have these types qualifications you aren’t properly qualified as an electrician in the UK. If you require an electrician in Glasgow, their system is similar, you must look for individuals with Scottish Vocational Qualifications.

You’ll encounter a lot of journeymen who have experience in the industry, but never went to higher education to study about electrical systems, they aren’t properly certified, so it is extremely risky to hire these types of individuals. It is vital to hire an electrician who has passed standardised tests and has plenty of experience working in a domestic setting.

  • Specialisation

Some electricians tend to specialise in certain areas, so if you require a residential expert, hire someone who has years of experience in this specific industry. When you speak to potential companies ask about their skills, make sure you receive an electrician who specialises in domestic work. You’ll want to hire a dependable, knowledgeable individual who won’t arrive at your home and leave the place in a complete mess.

  • Previous Clients

Before hiring an electrician inquiry about previous clients, they should be able to provide a list of references you can contact to see whether their projects have been successful. You can speak to former clients and ask them if they were happy with the work and was it done at a reasonable price.

Before hiring an electrician remember to carry out some background checks to gather information on the company and the type of workers they hire. Make sure to use an electrician who specialises in a specific area to ensure you get an individual with the right type of experience. Additionally, ask about references and see what other clients have to say about the organisation.