Carpet has several different features that can affect the way it looks and feels; if you are looking to install carpet in your home or office, you need to consider many different factors in order to make an informed choice. For example, you need to consider if you need carpet that is amenable to rolling wheels or not. If you need to be able to roll office chairs, you will need a lower nap on your carpet. If you have kids who want to play on the carpet, you’ll likely need something that is much softer.

The Nap

The nap of the carpet is the length and the material that forms the individual fibres of the carpet. Typically, they are braided strands that are then sewn or glued into the backing. Havant carpets come in many different naps.

  • A long nap is great for carpets that need to be soft. However, they will attract and cling to dirt for much longer.
  • Short naps are great for offices and other areas that have frequent foot traffic.
  • A short nap is not as comfortable for children to play on, though. That’s why it’s mostly used for offices.

The Backing

Typically, the backing on a carpet is made of several different layers. In many cases, the backing will be a rubber layer that is waterproof and helps the carpet cling to the subfloor. Then there is a fabric layer into which the nap is sewn. That creates the structure of the carpet. Different backings can create different qualities in the carpet.