House clearances can be set up for a number of venue types, including houses, lofts, sheds, and garages. Other services featured by house clearance companies include storage unit clearances, rubbish removals, office clearances, and probate valuations.

How the Price for a Clearance Is Determined

House clearance companies also buy antique and modern furniture, whether it is a single item or a full house of furnishings. Therefore, a single item can be removed or a whole houseful of items. When you need a house or building cleared then, the first thing you should do is contact the company for a quote. Before you receive an estimate, you need to know what three criteria will influence the price you will pay. These criteria include the labour that will be involved in the clearance, the cost of item disposal, and the re-sale value of certain items.

If there is a large re-sale value in certain items, such as collectibles, art, antiques, or highly valuable quality furniture or white goods, the Surrey house clearance company will make an offer, or will suggest where or how the items can be sold.

Sometimes the Clearance Company Pays You for the Removal

If items are purchased from the house clearance company, the price that is offered will be used to offset the costs for cleaning away other items. Whilst the company may not charge anything in some instances, it will assess a charge in other clearances. It just depends on the worth of the items they buy.

After all, each house or building clearance is different. Most houses feature positives, or items than can easily be sold, and some negatives, such as items that need to be disposed. So, the house clearance company pays for the positives and charges a fee for the negatives.

Therefore, if the house or building contains more “positives” than “negatives,” there is a good chance that you might not pay anything at all.