If you know even a small amount about industrial painting, you know that this process is much different than the painting you might do on your home. There are some similarities, the most important of which can be summed up in one word, “preparation”. In fact, for painting to be successful, the person performing the job must be prepared and willing to devote as much time as necessary to preparing the surface or the item to receive paint.

As you are well aware, similarities do not make different painting tasks the same. That’s why it’s important to work with a company bringing plenty of experience to the task of industrial painting in Perth. You can be sure that they will spend all the time necessary to prepare your items for painting. After all, they are sandblasting and industrial painting specialists. Not only do they excel in abrasive blasting, and spray painting on an industrial scale but they are experts in protective coatings and three-coat systems for mining-industry clients.

Superior Service

When you arrange for these professionals to work for you (and with you), you have access to more than sandblasting and industrial spray painting. You can also call on this source for mobile sandblasting, dustless blasting, soda blasting, inspection reports for coating, and more. If your business depends on mining equipment, transport equipment, and other industrial items being in excellent condition, this is the source.

You can learn more by visiting the website to gather information about such special services as abrasive blasting for etching and surface cleaning. With this technique, you can be sure that the paint will adhere to surfaces as it should. That’s why specialists use high-pressure tools and steel grit to produce a perfect result. If your job requires techniques that use chilled iron grit or garnet, this is available as well. After you’ve gathered the information you need from the site, be sure to call and talk to a representative about the services available, including soda blasting, a great option that is used for more delicate surfaces.

Fire Coatings Too

If you have a special situation that calls for the technique using intumescent paint, this expertise is offered as well. This fire-retardant coating provides added protection because the material expands when exposed to high temperatures. A layer is formed that reduces the effects of the extreme heat.

As you can see, the range of services is extraordinary, which is why they can be outstanding partners to those in the mining, transport, and tank industries as well as to both onshore and offshore industrial clients. You’ll always receive the same level of personal service provided to every valued customer. If there is no specific guideline for your project, experts will work closely with you to create a plan that will not just “work” but will produce the outstanding results you need.