Moving home can be a big job that will include various moving responsibilities which have to be sorted out properly. It involves all kinds of activities, and while a number of them may be more trying than some others, the packing part is the famed time consumer of all!

Errors can certainly happen when you think about the scope and all the time and effort that packing up a whole house involves. So, to help you out with your move and make it drama free, here are some tips on avoiding packing mistakes that many people make when moving home.

Don’t leave it all Till the Last Moment

There are minimalists who can up and leave in no time at all. But most of us normal people will need at least a month (or in some cases even longer) to pack up all of our possessions and be ready. Don’t hang around!

Choose when to Begin

A hard area about packing is deciding just when to make it all happen. If you’re thinking of packing the smaller items first, or maybe work doing it from room to room, selecting when to begin will help you to work out how long it will all take to get the job completed.

Right Sized Boxes

Different sized boxes will be needed depending on what you are going to be moving with the furniture removal company. Ask for a few extra ones just in case you might need them, and also try packing items that you won’t be using until you get to the new home.

Ensure you have the Correct Right Tools at Your Disposal

All that packing will go much smoother when you have the correct tools. Should you get short of any necessary items, such as boxes, tape, or bubble wrap, it will waste time, especially if close to moving time.

Identify Everything

Create a checklist what has gone into which box and then slap a clear label on them. This will make all the difference when you have to decide what goes where at the new home. If you don’t want to play the “Guess what’s in the Box” game, then make sure to label and list them.

Fragile Pieces

A mistake that many people make when packing is to try and fit a fragile item into a nice tight fitting box thinking that a perfect fit will do just perfect. Wrong! It’s better to give these delicate pieces, some extra room and then pack with paper or bubble wrap to eliminate any risk of damage.

Make up a Necessities Box

People who moved before, made the mistake of packing essential day to day items away, without considering that they will need to use them right after arrival. So, please remember to make up a box of things that you are soon going to need and keep it handy and labelled.

Now, that wasn’t so difficult was it?! Good luck with your move!