Putting time and effort into renovating your garden can sometimes be a thankless task, most people do not know a anything about landscaping, curved edging or water features and most of them will not appreciate the hard work and thought you have put into your new garden. But landscape designs can be easily ruined and gardening sins will not go unnoticed by even the most untrained eyes.

Planting Tropical Plants

When you first purchase tropical plants they will look fresh and colourful, but once you introduce them to a foreign environment they will quickly change, wither and die. Initially, your garden may look stunning, but in a short space of time tropical plants will weaken as they are not suited to grow in anything but a tropical setting. Always aim to grow native species instead of tropical flora.


A gardener should be able to sit back and take a minute to decide when enough is enough, over indulgence does not equate to beauty, and too much of a good thing can ruin a perfectly good setting, try to avoid littering your garden with hundreds of ornaments, lights and other garden features. A single water fountain can create a fresh, noticeable feature, while three can make your garden look like a miniature water park.


If you want to design a garden you can be proud of you must first come up with a plan to help you achieve your objectives, when planning is finished and you begin work on your project you must remember to stick to the original plan, this means avoiding the use of random building material or garden accessories. Do not become nostalgic about old features if they do not fit the blueprint for your new concept, cut them out and only use appropriate material.


Some gardeners look for grandiose features which they think will look amazing in their new lawns, these fixtures are so big that they take away from everything else in the area. Bigger is not always better, and cramming a large, lavish piece of art into a small portion of land will more often than not create an eyesore. Features such a water fountain should be proportionate to their surroundings and compliment other structures around them.


Choosing to ignore or disregard professional help may be the biggest sin of them all, there are numerous landscaping services online who will operate in your locality and offer you a design plan for your garden. If you find a capable, well established business with years of experience, they will help you design and implement a stunning garden concept..

These 5 gardening sins can be avoided if you choose to do so, it will help to do some research on the subject and hire professional help when needed. Always remember, do not include features which draw attention away from your home, and always try to stick to your original plan and garden concept.