For property owners, the window’s appearance can surprisingly impact their building or home. When windows are not pristine and clean, it is recommended to enlist professional window cleaning Houston services with experts for stellar results.

But that doesn’t mean one cannot DIY. Many tutorials can guide property owners to go with the DIY approach to cleaning their windows. One thing that is without parallel when cleaning windows is the right cleaning tools and accessories.

Cleaning a window should be manageable if one has the correct tools and accessories. But one should be okay with low-quality results if they are okay with the DIY approach.

Consider the following when buying window cleaning tools and accessories.

A Scrubber or a Sponge 

A sponge or scrubber can make window cleaning Houston projects manageable. But you must look for a safer sponge or scrubber that is seamless to use on glass surfaces.

Scrubbing the window is the first step a property owner wants to take when washing their windows. Wet the sponge or scrubber with water first, then work over every visible inch of the glass. This technique will remove the larger stains, mud splashes, bird droppings, and any other debris on the glass.

A Large Bucket for Window Cleaning

The cleaner will need a bucket to carry their dishwashing solution around. They may want a separate bucket with just plain water to rinse their windows after washing them. Choosing sturdy cleaning buckets with strong handles is imperative. This will make carrying water from window to window more straightforward as one washes.

Dish Soap

Property owners should mix approximately one teaspoon of mild dishwashing liquid with two gallons of water into a bucket with a handle to make their own DIY window cleaning solution. Keep the exterior temperature in mind when choosing the right temperature for their water.

If it’s cold outside, putting cold water into the bucket will help ensure that the windows don’t fog over while they are trying to clean them. If it’s a warm day, property owners can use warm or cold water to wash their windows.

Quality Ladder 

When washing their windows, property owners will need a robust ladder. It is helpful to choose one that supports itself instead of relying on one that must be rested against another surface for support. If their windows aren’t very high, homeowners can use an industrial stepping stool, as it can also work.

For safety purposes, homeowners should have someone support the ladder while they wash their windows. They will be moving around a lot while scrubbing and drying the windows, and it is easier than they may think to lose their balance or cause the ladder to tip.


Washing windows can be difficult, especially if a property owner has a large home or commercial building. To make things easier and to minimize the risk of injury, why not hire a professional window cleaning company to do it with top-notch and next-level expertise? Professionals offer sturdy window cleaning Houston services that will wow every property owner.