The accessories are more or less numerous according to the range of the robot vacuum cleaner. Virtual wall and remote control. One of the most important is the virtual walls, which serve to delimit zones of displacement. There is usually 1 (entry-level) to 3 (high end), and it is possible to buy others. The virtual walls delimit zones that the robot vacuum cleaner will not be able to cross, or that will only open once the part being cleaned. Some Roomba Models brands offer magnetic tapes to fix the ground, which play the same role but are more difficult to move. The remote control can be useful, it will allow you to program and control your vacuum without having to bend down.

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Movement system:

Most robot vacuums have a preprogrammed moving system: they travel the rooms, sometimes following a spiral path, and change direction when they encounter an obstacle. This is not very effective since they go back to the same place several times.

Robot vacuum cleaner – Virtual wallOn the majority of models, you can place ” virtual walls ” (1 to 3 in general) that the robot vacuum cleaner will not cross: practical if you want to limit the action of your robot vacuum cleaner to certain parts or part of your home only.

Some virtual walls (lighthouse type) can be lifted as you go: it’s handy if you want the vacuum cleaner to clean your house room by room and not make unnecessary round trips.

A robot vacuum cleaner is normally equipped with sensors that allow it to slow down when approaching obstacles and not to damage furniture and walls.

If you have stairs, it is highly recommended to take a robot vacuum cleaner able to detect the steps so as not to fall (even if you can use a virtual wall for the same result).


Programmable robot vacuum cleaners can be set to clean your home at certain times on certain days of the week, for example during your absence.

You can, for example, program them for cleaning from Monday to Friday in the middle of the day, and when you come home you will find them on their base and will only have to empty them (provided you prepare the house for do not find them stuck somewhere!).

Noise level

The sound level is a point not to neglect, especially if you expect to be present during the passage of the vacuum cleaner. That said, almost all robot vacuum cleaners generate less than 70 dB, which places them at the same level as silent vacuum cleaners.

Usage tips

Keep in mind that you will need to prepare a minimum for your dwelling for robot vacuuming.

Roomba Models Robot vacuum cleaners can pass obstacles a few centimeters high (thick carpet type for example), but are hampered by objects that drag and especially by the electric wires they can cause accidents.