If you are planning to start construction or looking to renovate, doors and windows are probably some of the things you will be looking at.

Windows and doors are categorized into different types depending on their function and location.

Types of Windows

  • Double Hang Windows- This window has two window sashes that can open to allow in air. It is easier to clean as both windows can be tilted for easy reach.
  • Skylight Windows- This window is installed on the roof for additional light, especially in rooms with few wall window options. Though mostly closed, it still offers maximum natural light during the day.
  • Casement Windows –Designed with vinyl exterior for protection against water damage, these windows are attached to frames and open outwardly to allow in air.
  • Awning Windows- Also referred to as cranking windows, these windows are opened or shut by turning a lockable winder handle.
  • Glass Block Windows- Mostly designed to offer light. The windows are frosted and placed in bathrooms and other private spaces as they are not transparent.
  • Picture Windows- Designed with a single pane of glass, this window does not open. It is primarily design to allow in natural light.
  • Transom Windows- This window is usually small in size and commonly positioned above the top frame of another window, door or high area of a wall.
  • Slider Windows- This window offers maximum ventilation as it opens sideways with one panel sliding over the other.

Types of Doors

  • Battened and Ledged Doors- This door’s vertical bonds are held together horizontally by ledges and are most suitable for narrow openings.
  • Flush Doors-These doors are made of plywood and fitted into a lightweight timber frame. They also fitted with hardwood at the edges and can easily be painted.
  • Glass Doors- Made of safe glass that is much stronger than ordinary glass, these doors come in a variety of stylish designs, from sliding doors to hinged doors.
  • Steel Doors –These types of doors are made from strong steel; they thus provide great security as they are not easy to tamper with.
  • PVC Doors – These doors are made of plastic material that makes them corrosion-
  • Fiberglass Doors –These are doors made of strong compacted glass in fibrous form. The durability and non-flammable features of these doors makes them a great choice.

Aluminum Doors- Doors made of aluminum are lightweight and not susceptible to weather elements like rain and sunlight.

When purchasing windows and doors, consider ones that have been designed to endure harsh weather conditions as you do not want to replace them every few months. Also consider windows and doors that allow you to reach into every corner for easy cleaning. Replacing broken parts like window panels and door hinges should be easy so you don’t have to remove the whole unit.

Good windows and doors should offer maximum protection and privacy. A great locking mechanism, thick glass, and burglar proof units are great picks.