When you need to have a stair lift installed, this is usually because you are having problems with your mobility. You should think about the kind of stair lift that you need and how suitable it will be for the type of staircase that you have inside your home.

Which stairways can be fitted with a stair lift?

Straight Stairways

Many houses have straight stairways, which are extremely practical. You might find that you are no longer able to get up and down the stairs in the same way that you did previously. This can be incredibly frustrating, but your problems will be solved with a fully-functioning stairlift that is curved in Buckinghamshire that is installed at the bottom of your straight stairway.

The journey up to the top of the stairs will no longer be a struggle that takes you an hour. Instead, you will be able to glide seamlessly up to the top of the stairs in a matter of seconds, choosing the pace that you travel at. You should have the stair lift inspected on a regular basis to make sure that it is still working at maximum capacity.

Notice whether the railing starts to feel loose or if it seems as if the chair is going to come away from the wall. These are problems which can be easily fixed by a qualified technician.

Stairways That Go At Right Angles

Some houses are designed with staircases which turn at right angles. This is a unique design feature and can give your house a very stylish look. However, it can also be very impractical, because you might not have the mobility to turn the corner, especially if your hips and knees are in bad condition. You can overcome this problem, whilst you retain your independence and without having to move into a bungalow.

A stairlift can be fitted to the staircase. The rail can be adapted so that the stair lift can quite easily turn at a right-angle without causing you any discomfort. You can then get up the stairs easily without having to do any extremely tricky navigation by yourself.

Stairways Which Are Curved

You might live in a house which has a winding staircase. When you become much more unsteady on your feet, you will start to find that this type of staircase feels slightly dangerous for you to walk up and down.

When you are worried about falling on the stairs, you should ask a company to install a high-quality stair lift on the curved staircase. There are lots of different models which can be installed. You should choose the model which is able to turn around the curved railings on the staircase extremely smoothly.

You might feel dizzy the first few times that you go up the stairs in this way, but after that, you will grow accustomed to the feeling.

Stair lifts can be installed in a wide variety of different stairways.