What are commonly known as UPVC, (Un-plasticized polyvinyl chloride), double glazed windows are a type of window with sturdy frames that are manufactured from a unique durable plastic. As you already know, double glazing, relates to windows made up of two panes of glass with a space in between them.

Nowadays, the use of UPVC double glazed windows is becoming much more popular for those who are replacing older windows and they are also being installed in brand new homes in Scotland and elsewhere.

  • The advantages are many of having UPVC double glazed windows fitted, with the very first one being their affordability when compared to other types of windows.
  • They also need minimum maintenance than other standard windows due to UPVC window’s not degrading such as in any rotting, cracking, peeling or flaking.
  • All you will need to do to clean these amazing windows is to give them an easy wipe with a damp cloth! How’s that for user friendly?!

Near On Indestructible

  • UPVC double glazing in Kilmarnock is also a lot more durable than other types because they will not suffer from any warping or bending in every type of weather, like other materials do
  • Also, the frames are very difficult to break, and thus keeps any would be burglars away from any home which has them fitted
  • Due to the two panes of glazing instead of just one, they are also much more difficult to smash through than any type of single pane window.
  • Having the two panes used in UPVC double glazed windows, also aids in a reduction of energy bills, because they happen to be better insulators than single glazed windows.
  • Having air between the two panes assists in making sure that the heat remains inside your home.
  • This then results in a smaller amount of energy being required to keep your home warm, and thus lower energy bills.
  • Another great feature with double glazing fitted by a certified Scottish UPVC windows specialist, is that of the amazing reduction in the level of noise entering a home, which is immediately noticed right after installation.

Vista Improvement

  • The outside of any home is always of importance to help increase its value and future sales potential.
  • More people than you can imagine are sold by a home’s exterior looks.
  • So, if you’re contemplating selling your home at a later date, you can enjoy the superb benefits from double glazed UPVC windows being fitted now, and them being there as an extra positive detail for any future potential buyers.

UPVC’s Properties

  • UPVC differs from other types of thermoplastics which are fully manufactured from oil.
  • UPVC is a combination of 57% salt and just a mere 43% oil, which gives it extra exclusive technical properties, helping to advance unbeatable value.

As you can clearly gather, that’s quite a number of advantages! All you have to do is simply ask anyone who has them fitted or do some online research.