The art of tree pruning (lopping) goes way back to the times of when the first humans started to grow, take care of and farm trees. This reason for this gardening procedure in Australia, where trees are trimmed to remove branches and foliage are numerous and listed below.


  • Nearly all trees will require some type of regular pruning during their lifespan, so that they can grow in a healthy and natural way.
  • Tree lopping is a regular and normal part of gardening for many gardeners who take care of their garden.

Shape Improvement

  • Another important reason for pruning your trees is to help them grow more evenly, which then promote a strong and healthy body.
  • Experts in tree lopping in Perth WA should be contacted and consulted with to assist in enhancing the beauty of your garden.
  • Fruit trees have to be pruned to enrich harvests, whereas decorative trees are lopped to develop an even and aesthetically enhanced display.
  • Pruning also does away with any dead wood and unsteady branches that may fall down during a storm and cause damage to the tree or nearby buildings.

Safety is a Must

  • Often, pruning is required for reasons of fire or utility safety.
  • Any experts in lopping will tell you that trees which grow under phone and power lines, must be observed and pruned for clearance.
  • Pruning also keeps parts of the home shaded, which then heightens the chances of mould, rot and mildew from growing inside of a building.

Some Trees actually enjoy it

  • Different trees can grow in a particular way and some need different techniques of pruning.
  • Some of them enjoy being pruned quite regularly, and they can keep on comfortable growing after having up to around 40% lopped off of them.
  • Whereas other more sensitive types, which will only require gentle pruning and shaping over a time period of several years, have to be dealt with carefully.

Professional Services

In W. Australia, reputable and experienced tree pruning services can handle every single type of tree found around the garden, and have these days become more popular and favoured over the years because a lot of folk just don’t want to risk doing it by themselves. And indeed, making use of the professionals is certainly recommended for those with tall trees or where power tools will have to be used.

Do the Research

If you’re the type of gardener who likes to get the job done by yourself, just make sure to do some research and homework prior to doing any lopping. Don’t forget that you will also need to spend money on the proper tools to make sure the job gets done correctly.

Now that you are more aware of the pruning job in hand, it’s now time for you to get out in your garden and get the lopping done! Here’s to hoping that your trees and garden will be looking their very best!