When you are designing an office space, there are often many more doors present than in a residence. This is due to the need to separate employee office spaces. The design of the space and its décor may dictate what type of door looks best in the area. Traditional, sliding, and bi-folding doors are all great options for various areas in an office. The cost can vary as well. There are a few key things to look for when choosing doors for an office environment.

The Space

Some businesses have a series of very private offices, while others have a more open design. The design of a space can make a big difference in what type of door you choose. An office that is meant to remain open to the main area may require a sliding or bi-fold type of door. These may also be good options for main areas, such as break rooms or copy rooms. The following areas are some good places to use bi-folding doors:

  • High traffic areas
  • Areas that hold multiple employee offices
  • Large rooms, such as business meeting spaces


The budget of an office renovation or set up is also something to be considered. There are some great affordable bi-folding door manufacturers in Leeds. You can often choose from full installation services or a simple purchase and delivery. Bi-folding doors can help you stay on budget while also providing proper privacy for employees.

Choosing a door style is easy when you take a look at the purpose of each room. It is also easy to stick to a budget with purchase-only options. Bi-folding doors add privacy as well as the option to open up a large room.