Window damage, whether caused by natural disasters, accidents, or other unforeseen events, necessitates immediate attention to ensure the safety and security of a property. Boarding up windows is a common solution to provide temporary protection until permanent repairs can be made. In this article, we conduct a detailed cost analysis for window board up services, exploring the factors that influence the overall expenses. Try contacting Best Board Up, to get the best facilities in this field, as they have years of experience.

1. Extent of Damage:

The first and most significant factor affecting the cost of window board up services is the extent of the damage. Larger or more severe damage requires additional materials, labour, and time to secure the area properly. Assessing the size and severity of the window damage is crucial in determining the overall cost of the board-up.

2. Material Costs:

The materials used for window board up services play a significant role in cost analysis. Plywood is a common material for temporary window protection, and its cost depends on factors such as thickness and quality. Additionally, the use of specialized tools, fasteners, and sealants can contribute to the overall material expenses.

3. Labor Costs:

Labor costs are a substantial component of the total expense for window board up services. The complexity of the job, accessibility of the windows, and the urgency of the situation can influence labour costs. Emergency or after-hours services may incur higher labour rates.

4. Location and Accessibility:

The location of the property and the accessibility of the damaged windows impact the overall cost. Properties in remote areas or those with challenging access may require additional effort and time, contributing to increased labour costs.

5. Type of Windows:

The type of windows being boarded up can affect costs. Larger windows or windows with intricate designs may require more effort and materials for proper board up. Custom solutions for non-standard window shapes or sizes may also add to the overall expenses.

6. Urgency and Timing:

Emergency situations often require immediate attention, and if window board up services are needed urgently, the associated costs may be higher. Planning the board up during regular business hours may result in more favourable pricing compared to emergency or after-hours services.

7. Insurance Coverage:

In some cases, insurance coverage may contribute to the costs associated with window board up services. It’s important to check your insurance policy to understand the extent of coverage and any specific requirements for reimbursement.

8. Additional Services:

Depending on the situation, additional services may be required, such as debris removal, glass cleanup, or temporary weatherproofing. These supplementary services can add to the overall cost of window board up.


Window board up services are a needed step in securing a property following window damage. The cost analysis for such services involves a combination of factors, including the extent of damage, material and labour costs, location, and urgency. Property owners should carefully assess these variables to obtain accurate estimates from service providers. While window board up costs may vary, the investment is justified in safeguarding the property and preventing further damage until permanent repairs can be executed.