If you enjoy cooking for friends and family, you may dream of having a kitchen customised for your needs. Although a customised kitchen can be expensive, you will get hours of pleasure being in it, and it will add value to your house. Although you may already have some ideas for the design of your dream kitchen, here are some others to keep in mind.

Efficient Layout

When your kitchen is on the drawing board, ask for an efficient layout to make it easier to move from the refrigerator to the prep area to the stove. An inefficient layout could have you moving across the kitchen multiple times to retrieve food from the refrigerator or spices from the cabinets. Kitchen design experts suggest that a layout which allows you to move in a triangle between these three areas (refrigerator, prep area, stove) is the most efficient layout for preparing meals.

Outside Access

If you have an outside entry door near your kitchen, consider incorporating it into the design. If it leads to the garden, consider widening the doorway and adding sliding or folding glass doors to make the outdoors a part of the kitchen. With a table on the patio, you can use this area for dining when the weather permits.

Lighting under Cabinets

When you’re trying to work in the kitchen, having only an overhead light can create dark areas under cabinets and in other places. To help make it easier to see while prepping food on the counter, consider having lights installed under your kitchen cabinets. Installing lights there needn’t be expensive, as you can purchase inexpensive LED lights within flexible tubing and easily place them under the cabinets to create a well-lighted, workable space.

Cabinet and Drawer Organisers

To keep pots, pans, and food items from getting pushed to the back of a drawer or cabinet, never to be seen again, installing organisers can help create convenient storage areas. Pull-outs can be installed in cabinets so that nothing gets lost and you can easily find canned foods or a lid for a pot. Organisers in drawers can prevent the need to rummage for cooking utensils like a garlic press or a slotted spoon.

An Island with Seating

Whether your kitchen is open-concept or not, having a centre island for food prep is a must for bespoke kitchens in York. Along with being used for food prep, the island can double as a breakfast table when it is made with an overhanging counter and includes stools for seating. It is also a good space for talking with family or friends as you’re cooking for a dinner party.

Waste and Recycling Bins

To make it more convenient to sort recyclables, compost, and garbage, you can have bins placed in a pull-out cabinet. Not only will they be conveniently hidden, but you won’t have to interrupt your work in the kitchen to carry items to another part of the house to dispose of them.

There are many other amenities besides these six that you can add to your kitchen to make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare meals.