Any structure has exposed exterior surfaces, and usually, one would protect the brick or concrete with either a paint or texture coating, which can withstand the harsh Australian climate, for at least a few years anyway. The exterior of the building would need to be retreated every few years, as paint deteriorates over time, and while this is generally accepted as a necessary expense, there are innovative and stylish solutions that incorporate metal cladding.

  1. Extremely Durable

One of the main advantages of aluminium cladding is the long lasting durability, which will protect the structure for at least 50 years, and with zero maintenance and made to measure solutions, metal cladding is a firm favourite for many business and homeowners in Australia. There are online professional suppliers and installers of the best metal cladding, and there is no better way to protect the building. You might be surprised at the range of styles and colours available, and by contacting a reputable supplier, they will come and take a look at your property and would be happy to offer their expert advice.

  1. Smooth, Clean Lines

If the cladding and facia are well-designed, the building will take on a completely different look, and with the right colours and finish, metal cladding offers the ideal protection for any building, old or new. Modern buildings are designed with straight lines in mind, and there’s no better way to show that off, than having sleek aluminium cladding fitted. Styles, such as interlock cladding, give you that smooth appearance and a tough seal that keeps the building dry at all times.

  1. Thermal Insulation

Imagine a large warehouse with no shading, the building would be at the mercy of the strong sunlight, but with metal cladding, you have a sound layer of thermal insulation, which will reduce the interior temperature in the summer and also help to retain the heat in the colder months. The difference in temperature is noticeable, and the energy savings will be welcome, as we all try to reduce our outgoings. Residential homes can be tastefully cladded, and with a choice of zinc, copper or aluminium, you can be sure to find something just right.

  1. Fit and Forget

Once the exterior of your home or office has been cladded, you can forget maintenance, and with an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will protect the structure from the harsh Australian climate for many years to come. Maintenance was always an accepted cost of protecting a property, yet modern solutions allow you to literally, fit and forget. The machined metals are layered to give the ultimate in durability, while the insulation properties mean energy saving, and if you want to create the ideal image, metal and facia cladding will certainly turn a few heads in your neighbourhood.

If you own a modern home, office, or factory and would like to say goodbye to the constant repainting, metal cladding could be the answer.