It has happened to just about every homeowner: waking up to a freezing cold shower! It is never good when this happens, and this most unpleasant situation is most commonly the result of a gas boiler that has simply given up and stopped working. So, apart from taking an uncomfortably cold shower, what can be done about it?

Call the Boiler Technicians

The fact is that every boiler has a maximum lifespan, and quite often the end comes very suddenly. We rely on hot water when washing dishes, washing clothing and sheets, and taking comfortable showers. No one wants to wake up on a cold morning to a cold shower before they toddle off to work. This is when you need to call an expert boiler engineer in West London.

It may be that the problem is relatively simple to fix and that the engineer can get it fixed quickly. In other cases, of course, a complete boiler replacement may be necessary. But how does one know when the boiler is having problems? How can one predict when a new boiler is going to be the next household expense?

Knowing When the Gas Boiler Is on Its Way Out

Even for a layperson, there are a number of signs that can point to a boiler that is about to stop working altogether. Just look for any or all of the following signs:

  • Leaks: Many boilers house a water tank that is heated by a gas flame. This water is then pumped through pipes to shower heads and taps around the home. The problem is that this tank has a shelf life and will eventually wear out and corrode. When this happens, you have problems! Look for any signs of a leak around the tank. The leak may be obvious, such as a large pool forming on the floor, or more subtle, such as a few drips.
  • Rust: As a water tank corrodes and breaks down, it will often result in rust entering the hot water pipes and coming out of one’s taps and shower heads. When this happens, the water may appear brown because of the fine rust particles in the water. Who wants to bathe in rusty water? This is a sure sign that something is wrong with your hot water tank, and it will need replacing very quickly!
  • Noises: Whenever there are unusual noises coming from any appliance in the home, you should take immediate notice. It the boiler is making rattling, hissing, or banging noises, it could mean that there is a problem with the heat exchanger. Don’t ignore it until it’s too late!
  • Hot or cold: When we turn on the hot water, we expect it to heat up and stay hot. If your water is going hot and then cold, there may be a problem with the circulation system in your gas boiler.

It is important to remain aware of your boiler, take note of any strange noises or performance, and check for any leaks. Finally, if you smell gas, open the doors and windows to get some ventilation, and then immediately call the emergency number to report a gas leak.