Rats are not the malicious creatures they have been made out to be. They’re not even the filthy creatures they are sometimes portrayed to be. When they are kept inside as pets, they are very clean and friendly. Rats are communal creatures that enjoy the company of other rats as well as with human beings. However, when they live outside, they pick up diseases and pests that you don’t want in your home or business. Furthermore, rats can cause a significant amount of damage.

Recent research has found that rats create about £11 billion worth of damage in the UK every year. Rats do not do this out of malice; they are often seeking food or shelter. Such pursuits leads them to your home, your vehicle, and your business. However, there are ways to prevent them from getting in. There are even deterrents that are not poisonous.

Intentional Punctures

An intentional puncture is any part of your home that has been punctured purposefully. These are places such as plumbing pipes, drain pipes, air conditioner units, and other parts of your home that have intentional holes to the outside. They are supposed to be sealed tight so that pests and weather conditions cannot get into your home, but that sealant could break down over time. In order to avoid such a problem, you should check your intentional punctures to ensure that they have been sealed up. If they haven’t been sealed properly, they could be gateways for rats to enter your home.

It is important that you keep them out through physical means. You can also get rid of rats in your home by visiting www.hammertechltd.com.

Deterrent Technology

There are many ways to deter rats and many more ways are being developed as we speak. Recently, many companies have begun promising to deter rats without poison. Deterring rats without poison is great since it is much safer than chemical means. Rat poison is notoriously damaging to anyone who happens upon it. Rats have very robust immune systems that are resistant to most diseases. To kill them, you have to use a powerful poison.

If you don’t want to poison them for humanitarian reasons or simply because you don’t want poison in your house, you need another option. Some companies are developing rat deterrent mats that ward off rats through various means. There is a lot of mystery around what specific techniques are used to deter rats. Due to pending patents and potential profits, many manufacturers of poison-free deterrents are very vague about how their product works.

Many of them work by emitting some kind of low pulse that is not perceptible to humans. Rats have very sensitive hearing, and if they hear a threatening tone, they will stay away. Such sounds create a rat-free zone around the mat.

Placing a Mat

If you are looking into a rat-deterrent mat, you need to place it in the right spot. You need to make sure you put it somewhere to fully maximise its use. For example, placing it near a doorway or in the garage can keep rats out of your entire house.