If you are just about to build your dream house, it’d be best that you prepare to embark on a stressful saga of finding the right elements. Or perhaps you’re just looking to improve your house aesthetically, either way, you’re about to face a lot of options. However, if you’re on a budget though still looking to find something elegant and classy to adorn your floors then quartz tiles may be your best bet. A lot of people are inclined to use quartz tiles only because they go for cheap, however, they sacrifice creativity. Well, I’m here to tell you that with cheap materials and a creative mind, your house can still look a million dollars. Here are some ideas:

Be Random!

You don’t have to stick to one color. Since quartz tiles come in an assortment of colors, what you can do is select randomly and piece them together to make an artwork-ish display on the bathroom floors and even walls. Nope, unfortunately the tiles on the picture ain’t quartz, but this is the idea though. Quartz tiles come in red, black, white and gray. Now imagine that you are a great artist stuck on a home improvement building and these are your materials. What crazy creative idea can you design with these limited resources?

Make A Tetris Tile Wall

To make this idea work, you’re gonna have to pick a single colored set of tiles – black or white. Then add a couple of colored tiles and make a “Tetris” pattern look. This design will be more dramatic than the one shown in the picture because the background will have a textured look, like that of quartz tiles.

This would be cool on a very long vertical wall, one that takes the span of two floors. That though is its ideal project setting because you can really have the look of a Tetris game wall. I love this idea because you can also get to play around with colors. This’ll be great for your little boy’s room.

Smash ‘Em And Make A Mosaic

Thankfully, quartz tiles are a bit easier to break that stone tiles. Ok, I realize that this sounds violent, but the goal has always been and forevermore: to have some creative fun. Actually, you don’t have to smash anything up, there are already a some quartz tiles that you can recycle. Why quartz tiles? Well you don’t have to, but the idea here is to go cheap when experimenting. That way people won’t see you as a money wasting maniac (kidding!). Mosaics are actually very fun to make, just find a pattern that you love, or like idea #1, you can go random. Either way, you will definitely have loads of fun while adding a little creativity to your house.

Why share these ideas? Well, these are just bouts of weird creativity explosions, you don’t have to apply them. The point of this article is to inspire you to stretch your creativity – even to the point of crazy – to have fun. I believe that in the cradle of our homes, we should always be inspired to be creative that’s why you should definitely do something about that ugly wall.