Most of us have fond memories of our childhood years, with endless summer days playing in the woods, and those cosy warm evenings in front of an open fire. Time passes, and many people miss the warm ambience of an open fire, but with modern solutions, it is possible to recreate the open fire without going to the trouble of having a chimney installed.

Cast Iron Fireplaces

For many years, these could be seen in dwellings across the UK, and aside from being stylish and elegant, an open fire adds a level of real warmth that makes the home a welcoming oasis of comfort and warmth, especially during those freezing winter nights. There are online suppliers of all types of fires and surrounds, and if you were looking for cast iron fireplaces in East Yorkshire, an online search would hopefully put you in touch with the right company. Once you have made contact, they would be more than happy to send a representative to meet you at your home and discuss your options, and once you have selected a unit, they would handle everything from design to installation.

Multi-fuel Fires

Ideal for the kitchen, a wood burning stove can do a lot more than just heat up the kitchen, and if you have a boiler installed behind the burner, the hot water can heat the entire home through the radiator system. This type of fire requires a chimney, and if your home is not equipped with a chimney, there are gas or electric options that give the same effect as an open fire, but without the mess that goes with a wood burning unit. Online suppliers make selecting a fireplace easy, and whether you are looking for cast iron fireplaces in Easy Yorkshire or any part of the UK, an online search will reveal a reputable supplier in your area.

Stone Surrounds

Marble fireplaces are all the rage at the moment, and if you would prefer something with a little more texture, why not go for natural stone? Modern fireplace installations can look antique, which is the preferred style in many homes. Granite offers a timeless look, and with a mixture of timber shelves, the surrounding parts are both aesthetically pleasing and very practical, serving as a book shelf or a place to display ornaments.

The Right Look

A fireplace can look stunning in the right environment, and the beauty of modern solutions is they can create a unique look that suits your home perfectly. Having a fireplace fitted is not something you do very often, therefore a lot of thought should go into the style, and indeed, type of fire that best suits your home. You will have a choice of either gas or electric, and if you have a chimney, you could go completely natural and have an open wood burning unit. There are many accessories available to add those finishing touches, and after the job has been completed, you can sit back and enjoy the warmth that only a real fire provides.

Online solutions make browsing a pleasure, so if you would like to see a few stunning examples of what can be achieved, a simple search will reveal a range of styles.