Chain slings are equipment that is part of the crane, trolley or gantry. It is characterized by high durability. What are the use of chain suspensions? Well, they are used to tie, suspend or support the lifted load. Chain suspensions are indispensable equipment in both the construction and industrial sectors. What are their special properties? What are their types? This short article answers these and other questions.
Chain suspensions and their advantages

Extremely strong and durable steel chains are used for the production of chain suspensions. As a result, they are able to carry loads that weigh up to several dozen tons. Good quality steel also determines the resistance of these products to high temperatures, abrasion, mechanical damage and corrosion. Due to these numerous advantages, the described products are characterized by a long service life.

Chain suspensions come in four variants. These are single-leg, two-leg, three-leg and four-leg suspensions. This division is related to the number of attachment points of chain suspensions.

For example, a two-leg sling consists of two sections of chain of the same length, which are attached to a common link, and their ends are equipped with hooks. In addition, the market currently offers a wide range of endings for chain suspensions, thanks to which these products can be used in various ways.

How to choose the best chain suspensions? What should you pay attention to in particular?

How to choose the best chain suspensions? When choosing chain suspensions, it is worth paying attention to, among others, the class of steel from which they are made. The most popular option is class 8 suspensions. In addition, we also distinguish products in quality classes 4, 5, 10 and 12. The steel class allows the use of suspensions in certain conditions (for example, class 4 products are used in hot dip galvanizing plants, where chains are exposed to high temperature, zinc, acids and hydrogen). Before starting the search for this type of product, we should consider the conditions in which they will be used. A very important issue in the case of chain suspensions is also the permissible working load. It specifies the maximum load to which a given suspension can be subjected. This value is determined in such a way that the sling is not exposed to damage even in such unfavorable conditions as shocks or jerks.

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