We spend almost two hours a week in our bathrooms and that’s only the ones that are in and out for a quick shower or the use of the toilet. For others, it is much more than that and a relaxing bath can take up to an hour by itself. When we go in there, we like to pamper ourselves and where once it was only the ladies, we men are spending a lot more time in there as well.

It makes sense, that if you spend that much time in a room, then that room should be comfortable and should allow you to relax and gather your thoughts. Making the right choices is paramount and there are a number of things that you should be thinking about when looking at bathrooms in Plymouth.

  1. Many people are moving back to the traditional bath and there are different sizes to choose from. Everyone’s bathroom is a different size and so you may have to choose a bath that is shorter but is deeper so that you can relax in it.
  2. Mirrors are something that we frequently overlook and we can’t shave or apply makeup because the mirror is all steamed up, and it is at that moment that we wish we had gotten ourselves a mirror that doesn’t.
  3. Choosing the right toilet is something else to think about as well as its design and colour. It needs to be comfortable to sit on and it needs to be doing its job after only one flush to save water and reduce water bills.

Take your time and have a look at all the many bathroom choices that there are available at your local bathroom showroom.