Over time, some of our furniture is deteriorating, before you throw it; check out these 10 ideas to reuse.

Door Schedule

For this idea using an old door, preferably wood, paint it with black paint to board and divided into seven to organize your earrings a week, it will look fabulous.

Desktop Support

When your children or siblings have grown is good reuse some objects, such as a crib, just remove one side of the base and replaced with a blackboard, making a nice desk, ideal for them.

Bookcase Table

Turn your coffee table into a beautiful bookshelf; preferably need two of the same size and put one above the other, to give a better paint them a striking touch of color.

Drawers for Bathroom

Use an old drawer and paint it white, but it does, you can divide your drawer into two, for background can paint some flowers or whatever you like and ready, place your toiletries such as shampoo, soap, towels and even candles.

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Renewed Bookseller

To make livelier your bookcase wooden paint it with two contrasting colors, it will look amazing and also add books, stuffed animals and toys sets, or you can turn it into your wardrobe, putting your favorite clothes.

Reminder Frame

That old frame you have in your house and you do not know where use is perfect for this idea, paint it your favorite color and placed around wire mesh, paint it the same color and with tweezers put your notes and reminders, an easy idea and very nice.

Wheel Chair

You can make a small armchair with an old rim, put two sticks in a circle on each side, then with a rope loop or lining the entire rim and there you have it, you have a single armchair.

Special Bookshelf

To have a different bookseller to the everyday, use a wooden reel and paint, make divisions in the middle part and put your favorite books, in addition to being a bookseller, is a beautiful table.

Shiny Header

To make your bed look great, renew it with drawers of different sizes, you can play with the way you give them to the drawers, it will look amazing and give more personality to your room.

Vintage Stairs

For this last renovation, wooden stairs are perfect to become a bookcase or rack, you just need to put wooden boards in their middle, can paint all of your favorite color or just put the timber in order to give a vintage touch and now just need to put what you like.

Do you like these ideas? So easy you can give a second life to your furniture, plus they give a great touch to your home will not spend long as you use things you have in your home.