Most homeowners forget to schedule yearly maintenance checks for their boiler and end up with costly replacements or repairs that are completely unexpected. But boilers often show signs of needing repair long before it becomes critical, and, with regular maintenance checks, repairs or replacements are apprehended early on.

Hire a Contractor

The first step to having a functional boiler is to hire a great contractor who performs boiler repairs in Wimbledon. Make sure that any contractor you work with has licenses, insurances, and great reviews online. If the contractor does not give you an estimate prior to working on a project, consider working with someone who communicates well and lets you know pricing ahead of time.

Signs to Watch For

Knowing a few of the common signs that your boiler needs repair saves time and money because you will know there is a problem before it becomes too late.

  • Leaks may indicate big problems with your boiler, and you should call your contractor quickly.
  • A boiler that takes too long to heat up could be due to problems surrounding the burner or mineral deposit buildup.
  • Strange noises, such as clunks or screeches, usually mean that some parts need to be tightened or adjusted and may need repair.

If you notice any of the common signs, call your contractor and see if he is able to come out and assess the possible damage. Even if the boiler isn’t falling apart, remember that upgrading to a new system has many benefits and may correlate directly to major cost savings for the future.