If you’re looking at your options for a new fence at home, you’ll be pleased to note that you have many, many options to consider, including a broad range of metal, wood and concrete fencing types. To help you make sense of the many options that you have to take into consideration (it really does pay to investigate and explore the many options that you have available), here we look at some of the many different types of fences that are popular at the moment.

What’s more, in addition to those discussed here, when you find a leading supplier of fence panels homebase in Oxford, you’ll perhaps find that you’ll have even more great fencing solutions that you have to choose from. Here are some of the most popular fencing types in 2017.

Wood Panel Fencing

This is a very popular type of fencing, especially in the suburbs, as it’s great for privacy as well as security and noise reduction. Depending on your preference for timbers, you should find that you have an ample selection to consider, though naturally ensure that it’s treated and will withstand the elements. This is a consideration for all wood fencing types, so bear this in mind.

Close Board Fencing

Popular in suburban settings due to its cost-effectiveness and the privacy it delivers, close board fencing is usually pine, though other timbers are often available. It’s a common sight as a barrier between semi-detached homes but it can also be used to great effect as a front fence.

Solid Concrete Fences

As they’re quite expensive, solid concrete fences aren’t a common sight and they’re usually only found in inner-city areas, especially in areas where property prices are very high. This type of fence can be customised and it’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a fence that delivers security.

Brick and Metal Fences

The metal can be substituted for wood, both of which will deliver a superb aesthetic effect that looks great surrounding modern and contemporary style homes. These fences offer excellent security in addition to stylish aesthetics and they can be customised with a variety of pedestrian and driveway gates to increase convenience as well as security.

Chestnut Fencing

A beautiful, rustic style fencing option that looks great on large properties with acreage, especially properties that are traditional in style. This type of fencing isn’t useful for security, but it does deliver great aesthetics and it’s predominantly used to demarcate boundaries around a property.

Metal Fencing

There are numerous metal fencing types, including metal panel fencing which is great for privacy and metal security fencing which is great for making a property more secure. What’s more, metal fencing is very durable and long-lasting, making it an excellent investment.

These are six of the most popular fencing types in 2017 but they’re not the only fencing types that you have to consider when installing a new fence at home. That’s why you should source a great supplier with a wide range of fencing products for you to choose from!