When cleaning house, many people forget to consider their carpets. They might vacuum the carpet but they don’t actually deep clean it. Cleaning the carpet is important because it traps dirt, oils, dust, and odours in its fibres. They can affect the cleanliness of the entire house. Furthermore, the carpet tends to degrade at such a gradual pace that you might not even remember the original colour of the carpet. Only a deep cleaning can bring back the original colour of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

The carpet is first cleaned by vacuuming; the professional vacuums of professional carpet cleaners in Bristol are much more efficient than the one you use to clean your carpet typically. They will pull an incredible amount of dirt from the carpet fibres. Then, the professionals will steam clean the carpet. Steam cleaning involves injecting hot water into the carpet fibres. The heat of the water and the detergents help to loosen and drive out the dirt. The steam cleaner then vacuums up the water.


Steam cleaning is a very efficient mode of cleaning because it drives out the dirt and cleans deep into the carpet. Also, it is the most efficient way to clean carpet because the water is already hot enough to vaporise. This means that it will evaporate very quickly. The carpet will dry out in a matter of hours. That is far too quick for mould and mildew to set in. Your carpet will be clean and you’ll be able to see how great it looked when you first bought it.