As winter approaches, and temperatures start to drop, our homes become a place to escape the harsh, chilly outdoor climate. There are several ways to keep your house warm during the winter and some of them are great for keeping that much-needed heat indoors. The following five tips will help you keep your home comfortable, warm and cosy as winter draws near.

  1. Open Your Curtains

During the day when the sun shines open your curtains and make the most of those rays, the sunlight will help to keep your home warm, so it is a good idea to let in as much as possible, furthermore, it is free and does not cost you a penny. When it gets dark, remember to close the curtains as they act as insulation and keep the heat trapped in your home.

  1. Cover Up Those Draughts

A cold breeze coming in through the bottom of your door can make your home feel like an igloo, you can invest in a draught blocker to ensure you stop the breeze from making your home so cold. It is a simple solution which can help to keep your house warm and insulated during the winter. You should also attend to any windows which are letting in air by sealing them with an adhesive.

  1. Install a Fireplace

Installing a fireplace will make your home warm and cosy, who does not enjoy driving home on a cold, stormy winter nights to find a hot, alluring fireplace already glistening in the front room. If you are looking for fire places in Cambridge there are several professional companies who will fit a new unit in your home before winter. Some of your options include:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Pellet
  • Wood burning

A new fireplace brightens up any room and makes that area perfect for sitting down, putting your feet up, and enjoying a tasty bottle of wine during the winter.

  1. Move Your Furniture

The position of your furniture is important for keeping you warm, try to avoid leaning your sofa up against an external wall as they are colder than other areas of the house. You should consider pulling your furniture out from the walls, which lets heat circulate around the room, place your furniture next to an internal warm where possible as they are warmer zones in your home.

  1. Keep the Doors Closed

Another simple solution to ensure your keep the heat trapped in your home is to keep the doors closed in your room. You do not want any heat to escape and open doors will not keep your room well insulated, before bed, remember to shut all your doors and trap the heat, in the morning your rooms will feel warmer as you kept them properly insulated.

It is important to keep your home well insulated so heat does not easily escape, there is not point in lighting a nice, cosy fire in your room and not ensuring that the rest of your house is appropriately insulated. The five tips mentioned above will help you keep your home warm and comfortable during the winter.