The drains in our homes are probably not something we think about too often. And why should we? After all, they are hidden parts of our home! Of course, the fact is that they transport wastewater and sewage away from our home. If this didn’t happen, we’d be knee deep in hazardous waste that contains all sorts of germs and bugs!

How to Know When Your Drains Need Cleaning Out

Whether it’s the kitchen sink, the toilet, the shower, or the bathtub, drains are essential to the normal functioning of any home, or other premises where water is used. The problem is that drains do get clogged and blocked from time to time, and it’s good to know when you need to call in a company that deals with Bristol drain clearance.

Listed below are a few of the signs that your drains need cleaning out:

  • Noises: Have you ever heard gurgling coming from one of your drains? Maybe you’ve pulled the plug from the bathtub and have heard the water make a funny noise as it drains away. This is normally a sign that the drain is partially clogged. The sound is made as the water finds its way around the clog.
  • Slow drain: Another sign that your drains are getting clogged is when the water drains away slower than normal. The slower the water drains away, the more clogged the pipe is!

Don’t Leave a Blocked Drain!

We rely on our drains to keep everything sanitary, so when they become clogged up, it’s important to have an expert come around and clean it out. The last thing we want is to have all of that wastewater backup into the premises!