What is cavity wall insulation?

Cavity wall insulation is the section between the inner and outer wall of a building. The cavity wall insulation fills the gap to make homes more energy efficient. If you’re looking to keep your home warm, the installation of a cavity wall will allow you to save energy by reducing the amount of heat that’s lost through the walls.

How much heat is lost through the walls?

According to cavity wall contractors, A&M Energy, 35% of building heat is lost through the walls of a property. Heat is lost easily during the winter when the temperature outdoors is significantly cooler, the heat energy will escape to the cooler areas.

What properties are suitable for cavity insulation?

Homes that are built before 1990 will more than likely not have cavity insulation, therefore, if your property is older than this, you could benefit from the installation of a cavity wall.

If your building has external walls that have unfilled cavity walls, it can have cavity wall insulation installed. Likewise, if there is more than 50mm of cavity available, cavity walls are suitable.

Make sure you check the condition of your cavity wall, if the brickwork is damaged it may not be appropriate, however, if the brickwork is in fine condition, you’ll have no problems installing cavity wall insulation!

Properties that are over 20 years of age can often benefit from the products and services provided by the cavity wall insulation suppliers. Take A&M Energy for instance. They provide cavity walls to increase the overall value of a property, reducing the loss of heat from the home.

How to tell if you already have a cavity wall?

A cavity wall is completely different to a solid wall. A solid wall has no cavity installed, there’s just a gap in between the walls. The brickwork will be arranged in an alternating pattern and the wall will appear somewhat thinner.

To contrast, a cavity wall has two walls that are made from different materials. The outer wall is made from bricks and the inner wall is made from a concrete block. The pattern of the bricks for a cavity wall is more structured, following a consistent theme. As well as this, the wall will be visually thicker- it’s evident that there’s an insulating layer installed!

It’s more than likely that your property will already have cavity wall insulation if the building was built after the 1990’s, however, if your property was built prior to this, why not get in touch with cavity wall insulation suppliers, like A&M Energy?

Why choose A&M Energy?

Choose A&M Energy if you want to install a cavity wall to your building. They can help you to save money on your bills and reduce the amount of condensation on your property.

The process of installation is quick and easy, providing you with an efficient service. A breathable layer of thermal protection will be installed to prolong the life expectancy of the building. You’ll always be kept in the loop with A&M Energy, they’re always on hand to provide you with any information that you may require!

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