Making a commitment to buy a property is a huge financial responsibility and with that responsibility come costs. You wouldn’t buy a car without first getting a mechanic to give it a thorough check both inside and out and so you shouldn’t buy a property or land without first getting the experts to look at it for you. There could be a number of things underground that you don’t know are there and the measurements of the property or land could be incorrect. Before shelling out thousands of pounds, get a proper survey done.

You can get a full property survey in Herne Hill and it is their job to make sure that what you are buying is exactly what it says on the plans and there are no issues that could cost you lots of money to fix after the sale has been completed. They offer a number of services and here are some of those.

  1. They will check that the boundary lines match up with the plans and if they don’t, you need to know this to amend your offer. You don’t want to have issues with your neighbours before you even move in.
  2. They will check for possible encroachments, the legal implications of a shared wall, overhangs and many more things in order to make sure that there are no legal obligations that you need to adhere to.
  3. Any improvements made to the property like an extension, for example, need to be checked to make sure that planning permission was applied for and granted.

You would be a fool to not have a property survey done before you invest thousands of your hard-earned pounds.