Mature trees require constant care as they grow, and in a residential area, special care must be taken to ensure property is not in endangered by heavy branches. A large tree could weigh up to 50 tonnes, and some species, like Beech, tends to crack under pressure, and could easily fall onto a house, so regular inspections are necessary to ensure the tree is not encroaching in any way.


The best time to prune mature trees is in the spring, just before the new growing season, and if you are not keen on doing this, there are affordable tree surgeons in Farnborough who can pop round and shape the tree ready for the summer, when growth occurs. Deadwood needs to be removed, while looking for any signs of disease, and the tree should have some ventilation, which is essential for proper growth.

Pruning should include the following:

  • Removing dead branches
  • Removing excess foliage
  • Checking for directional conflict


Generally, loping a tree is not a good idea, unless it is done the right way, as taking the top of a tree can cause irreversible damage, and a tree surgeon would only lop a tree of that was the only option. If you are at all concerned about a mature tree, it is always best to ask an expert to take a look, and their advice might prove to be very valuable.

Annual Visit

If you have several large trees on your property, your local tree surgeon can make an annual visit and carry out the yearly pruning, and should there ever be an issue, he can advise accordingly.