Your home is finished, your UPVC windows and doors have been installed, the patio is completed and the garden has been landscaped, but there is one thing missing to complete the picture. It is a driveway up to your home and now, you have to decide what kind of driveway to install. As you look around your neighbourhood, you get a kind of an idea of what’s popular and what isn’t. You are left with 3 choices, concrete, tarmac or block paving. Each have their advantages, but whatever one that you choose, be sure to add a resin covering to protect your investment.

There are resin bound driveways in Durham and although, you can’t see the resin, you can see the results. There is a reason your neighbour’s drive doesn’t retain water and still looks great after all these years. Having your own drive offers up many benefits.

  1. It is a safe place to get out of your car. There are a high number of accidents in the UK involving people getting out of their cars on public roads. British roads are busy and accidents happen.
  2. If you are a one, two or even three car family, your drive gives you somewhere to park your car off the public road. Your insurance company will reduce your premium if you park privately.
  3. It will increase the kerb appeal of your home and also increase its value. Should you decide to sell later, a driveway is a great plus, to prospective buyers.

A new driveway is a smart investment in your future and also provides great convenience for you and your family now.