We choose carpets and rugs to cover the floors of our homes in the United Kingdom because we know that they are hard wearing, they feel great under our feet and they keep their great looks for a very long time. A well-placed rug on a floor can add warmth to a room immediately and you can always find a carpet or a rug that will match your other decor perfectly. However, after a time, due to age, sunlight and many people walking over your carpet and rugs, the colour and pattern fades and you think about throwing it out and getting a new one.

Rug Restoration

There is no need to discard the rug that you have loved for years because there is a way to get the colour back and it is performed by companies who do rug restoration in London. These businesses perform so many services.

  1. They can remove bleach spots from your rugs that have been caused by spilling some type of liquid onto the rug. Their expertise means that the colour can be restored to the rug and the ugly spot disappears.
  2. All the original colour that your rug had before, when you first bought it, can be restored again by using dyes. All the vibrant colours and patterns will not be lost forever.
  3. Maybe you didn’t like the colour of your rug from the outset as it was a gift from someone close. Don’t worry, as they can change the colour of your rug to a colour that you like and that matched your decor.

Don’t throw your rug away, get it restored to its former glory and it won’t cost you an arm or a leg either.