There is a good reason why we put a roof on a house when we build it. It is there to protect the structure of the building from the attic right down to the basement. It keeps the home dry and protects the windows and doors. Alongside the soffit, guttering and fascia board, they all work together to protect your investment. As with any investment, you need to keep a keen eye on it and make sure that it is performing properly. If it isn’t, then you need to make some changes and apply some measures to make sure that it is better and stronger. The same rules apply to the roof of your home.

Your roof needs to be checked at least once a year minimum and after every strong storm. Where can I find roofers near me in Maidenhead, I hear you ask. Well, there are a number of them and they come highly recommended. Once up there on your roof, they can check for the following things.

  1. If you still have a functional chimney on your home, they will check the brickwork and the pots to make sure that they are not damaged. The chimney can take some big hits from branches during a storm.
  2. Moss and algae can build up on your roof over time, especially in the UK where we experience wet weather all year round. This affects your roof’s ability to move water quickly off the surface. Your roofer will lean this away for you.
  3. Over time, slates and roof tiles come loose and get damaged and if you hear clattering on your roof when it is windy, you can be sure that one is loose. These will be put back into place or replaced.

Get your roof checked, by your local company at least once a year and this should go some way to protecting your investment.