It is imperative to the safety of your house and/or workplace that you have a working fire extinguisher, know where it is, and know how to use it. If you do not have a fire extinguisher, use one incorrectly, or fail to find one, you could be putting lives at risk.

In addition to safety reasons, it is legally required that you comply with fire safety protocols. Different areas may have slightly varying laws in regards to fire safety. Luckily, you can buy a fire extinguisher in Edinburgh or anywhere else in the world! Plus, a good business can help you navigate the specificities of your local laws.

Table of Contents

Safety Items

  • Fire Extinguisher ID signs: Identification signs are a very important part of making the location of fire extinguishers on your premises clear.
  • Fire Extinguisher Stands and Cabinets: A stand or cabinet gives your fire extinguisher(s) a definitive place to reside. Not only does this make it easy to locate but it also keeps the extinguisher from getting lost or broken.
  • Fire Extinguisher Spare Parts: Spare parts are essential to have in the event that your fire extinguisher breaks or operates poorly. It can be helpful to get spare parts at the same business where you get your extinguishers as they will understand your needs fully.
  • Fire Blankets: Fire blankets are better than fire extinguishers specifically when it comes to putting out fires on a person’s clothing or fires in their early stages.

Services to Look for

  • Fire extinguisher servicing and maintenance
  • Fire extinguisher sales, supply, and installation
  • Fire extinguisher refilling and recharging
  • Fire extinguisher servicing on their premises
  • Fire extinguisher spare parts and ancillary equipment sales

Before hiring any contractors or help, you should check that all services will be done in accordance with the BS:5306 that indicates high levels of quality within service. You should ensure that all fire protection equipment, including fire extinguishers, conform with the British Standards and contain Kite mark approvals.