Every homeowner should place the utmost importance on regular roof inspections, as this is the only way to detect any minor issues, and should a leaking roof be left to its own devices, the damage could be severe. The harsh British climate certainly doesn’t help, and if you are new to property ownership, here are a few common roofing problems that you might encounter.

  • Blocked Guttering – It is very easy for a blockage to occur in the gutter pipes, especially if you have tree branches overhanging the roof, as wet leaves are very often the cause of a blocked gutter. The leaves can be washed down the downpipe and they can clog, which causes the water flow to stop. If your guttering is old, the gutter replacement cost in Sheffield is reasonable, and if you opt for PVC, your guttering will last for years.
  • Missing Roof Tiles – Gale force winds can lift roof tiles, and if this is not addressed, rainwater can enter the internal roof structure, causing damage to the joists and rafters. Regular roof inspections are advised, as this would reveal any missing or broken tiles, and a local roofer would be able to find matching tiles.
  • Leaking Roof – There are a number of ways that water could enter your roof; ir could be due to missing roof tiles, or perhaps a damaged section of the fascia board, which protects the lower roof line. Often, the first indication of a leaking roof is damp upstairs ceilings and when it reaches that stage, a fair amount of damage has already been caused.

Regular inspections carried out by your local roofer will ensure that your home is always well-protected.