Whether you’re building a new house or simply replacing the old guttering, you should know how important guttering is for your home. Guttering prevents debris and water from running down your walls and leaving water marks in the paint. It can keep rainwater from damaging all kinds of things on the outside of your house and it can help prevent your property from flooding in the event of a heavy rainfall.

With all of this in mind, you’re going to need to get some new guttering but you’ll have to choose between a few types of materials.


UPVC is a tough, affordable material. It’s durable, it’s easy to maintain and repair, and it won’t crack easily due to loose twigs and leaves. Because it can last a long time, uPVC guttering is a great choice for many homes. The only problem with uPVC guttering is that because it looks simplistic and minimal, it does not offer much of an aesthetic benefit. But if you’re not worried about how your guttering will look, uPVC might be the best option for you.


Suppose your house is more of a cottage and you’d like to keep your house’s look authentic. Aluminium and cast iron gutters are perfect for your home. Metal is extremely tough, it’ll last forever, and it complements the style of an older rustic home. The only problem with metal guttering is that it can sometimes rust and corrode and it’s sometimes more expensive than uPVC.

Ask Your Roofing Professional for Help

Several Wiltshire roofers can also install guttering so if you can’t decide on a material for your gutters, simply ask your roofing professional for help.

Gutters are tremendously valuable for any home so be sure to ask a roofer to install some guttering on your property before the next rainy season comes.